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More than ever, complex challenges require action on many fronts. Education, research, innovation, youth and culture have a lot to contribute.

Promoting the green transition requires the inclusion of environmentally sustainable development in education.

EU 2025 vision, it emphasizes digitalization and green practices and according to UNESCO, “Education is critical in helping the population understand and address the impacts of climate change”, so the teachers have a crucial role in the green transition.

Schools and teachers should help students understand the challenges and empower them to take action and if they play this important role, they need ongoing support with inspirational examples and professional development.

In our project, within the scope of the needs analysis surveys and SWOT analysis results conducted by all our partner institutions, the need to use sustainable development goals, STEM education method and e-learning platforms are seen.

With our project, we want to improve the skills of our educators by integrating the sustainable development goals with the STEM education method, by performing deep learning at the levels of primary school (6-12 years), secondary school (12- 15 years), high school (15-18 years) and adults (18+).

A set of measures to help schools achieve their Eco-School goals: building an eco community, running a sustainability audit, creating an action plan, monitoring and measuring their progress, Linking to the curriculum, informing and including all training centers.


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